Code of Ethics
„I look people in the face.“ Karol Styblo

LYRA CHOCOLATE s.r.o, is a craft chocolate producer and is focused on creating chocolates using the best quality ingredients. Experience gained at cocoa plantations, the overall chocolate making process and the precise choice of the packaging are relieved in our final product. We present inspiring and unique ideas; we believe in challenges that are impossible for others to achieve, because „ it's worth it to do impossible.“

Code of Ethics in LYRA CHOCOLATE s.r.o. explains and summarizes the ethical principles, norms and rules that are generally binding for each cooperating party. It sets out the principle of mutual behavior within the company, supplier-customer relations and relations with the competition.

Following the ethical principles is connected with company values, responsibility towards the employees, team work, relationship and professionality. It supports consolidations of rights, company culture development, relationship and it highlights the company business maner.
The central values of the company:
  • honesty
  • confidence
  • justice
  • solidarity and social conscience
  • responsibility
  • quality products and services
Solid name LYRA Chocolate, s. r. o.
Violation of the Code of Ethics should be reported to the staff member's immediate by letter, word or by telephone. The employees duty is to report any violation and attempted violation of the Code of Ethics. Each message is anonymous and may be released only with the agreement of the notifier. The supervisor should be able to resolve the issue immediately. LYRA Chocolate Company in the workplace does not tolerate any sanctions against the notifier, and seeks to comply with the ethics code entirely.

Workplace Relationships.
LYRA Chocolate is following the Labour Code and all of the other applicable norms in accordance with the labor- law.

LYRA Chocolate does not discriminates and treats its employees equally, it supports their career growth and provides them with self-improvement and gaining experience.

We pay attention to pay fair wages. We try to make the reward system adequate in accordance with the employees work output.

LYRA Chocolate is committed to protecting the health and safety of all people at factory site. All of the safety norms and standards must be followed in order not to put any employees or consumers at risk.

We enforce all health and safety rules and standards for the purpose of safety on workplace. Actions of individuals should not be threatened by the employees themselves, co-worker or customer.

We encourage employees to its commitment, opinions and critics involved in the development of the company, raising awareness and protection against material and moral damage.

We encourage employees to its commitment, opinions and critics involved in the development of the company, raising awareness and protection against material and moral damage.

The employee gives information to the public only with the permission of the employer and shall not disclose any confidential, secret internal relations of the company.

Employee is publicly not damaging the good reputation of the brand, co-workers and does not provide misleading information. Each employee shall not disclose even after termination of employment.

Employees are required to prevent conflicts of interest. If any employee's private interest contrary to his duties, and will continue to be a conflict of interest, it inevitably submit in writing their immediate supervisor.

Relationship with Customers.
LYRA Chocolate is focused on the customer and his refined sense and taste for chocolate, try to meet the needs in all areas and constantly develop its creative products and inventiveness of the customer.

Prices of all the products are equal the the product quality.

Customers who are interested in LYRA chocolate have all product information available from the chocolate manufacturing process, ascertaining the origin to the composition and packaging.

Each customer can fully rely on compliance with the company terms of trade in relation to the protection of personal data. The company is committed not to provide personal data to third parties, and it is also possible, on customer demand, to delete the data stored in the database any time.

Relationship with business partners.
LYRA Chocolate highlights respectable relationship with its suppliers. The essence of our company is to bring our products to perfection and therefore we strive to ensure that our products have experience to touch all the senses of human. Quality of raw materials is the on the first place and does not neglect the look and packaging of products.

LYRA Chocolate is committed to comply with all negotiated contracts and state always true and complete information necessary for mutual cooperation. Comply with all obligations under the contractual conditions are a priority for us. In the case of serious reason we immediately inform our business partners in order to avoid damage to any party. Our approach to business partners is always fair, open and honest, and this we expect retroactively.

Relation to Competitors.
LYRA Chocolate considers competition as a natural part of business. Thanks to our assortment we are unique in the market with our products and offerings. We maintain healthy relationships with our competitors on a regular basis. We manage to cooperate by various events so we can build up the integrity between us. We are not supporters of any collusion, the competition shall be treated in accordance with good morals and we avoid any harmful damages to the industry in which we operate. Competition is equal subject to us, and we respect and honor their name