Corporate resonosibility business
Code of ethics.
Code of Ethics in the LYRA Chocolate company is the basis for the proper function of ethics program of the company and is an integral part of corporate responsibility. A set of ethical requirements, compliance with which is governed by each employee.

Director of ethics.
Development of ethics belongs to the main tasks of the company management. The responsibility for this area is taking over by the owners who try to be empathetic towards employees and thus create relationships based on mutual trus

Commission for ethics.
In the necessity of solving the ethical conflicts, LYRA Chocolate company seted up a collective body which is composed of the company's management and employee representatives. Ensures compliance and updating of the Code of Ethics and is responsible for checking compliance with the requirements placed on employees.

Etics roundtables.
In the LYRA Chocolate company the leadership is trying to establish a democratic and pro-social atmosphere in the workplace. Legal instruments roundtables enables convenient way of expressing the staff requirements and the need for compliance, while creating a space for constructive problem solving and tolerance

Seminar on etics.
Education in ethic area is carried out regularly, the same way for the employees and for the management. The aim is to reach, that in the workplace moral responsibility is secured, on the management side it means mainly the knowledge of ethical errors and prevention of their occurrence.

Hot lines.
In the LYRA chocolate company internal hotlines fulfills a function in terms of the protection and promotion of critical loyalty. Employees may, in case of any ambiguities or conflicts turn to the Ethics Committee. From the outside they are used to emphasis on public relations.

Etical balancing.
Balancing in terms of ethics has annually provides insight into the implications of business. The company focuses on the end of the year of a socially positive and negative consequences that arise out of certain criteria.

Private converstaions about ethics.
LYRA Chocolate Company is a supporter of loyal relationships with employees. Through personal interview gives them the opportunity to express their own attitude. It is important to know the opinions of all and then formulate appropriate ethical requirements. The aim is the correct understanding of the ethical requirements on the employee side, it is therefore essential that the company's management and employees know and respect each other to communicate.