Lyra Care
Lyra cares
You are treated as you treat others. That's the reason why we decided to support indigenous farmers in South America and invest in their education. And not only that. We support some other projects both in Slovakia and abroad because mutual aid is worth it, and so is our chocolate. Meet Lyra Cares.
The Shuar
To find pure cocoa trees is rather difficult, to meet indigenous peoples of America is even more difficult. We have done both. We started our cooperation with the indigenous tribe of the Shuar in Equador, whose rain forest is full of cocoa trees. We educate them in harvesting to increase their income. We control the cocoa on its way from planting, processing, production to wrapping of the final product. Eating our chocolate, you are supporting the Shuar.

There's no reason to go to school in Colombian Necocli, what is important is the food. Every day, find some food, that's what matters. It takes an hour and a half to get to school, on foot, crossing the rain forest. No wonder it is awfully exhausting. We have decided to invest in their education, each student gets their breakfast for free from us. Kids get motivation to study, they get a chance for a better life.

Granja Luker
As for us making chocolate means understanding and participating at the each stage of cocoa bean processing. We cooperate with Granja Luker, a research and training center of cocoa, created with the objective to promote the cocoa harvesting in the country among small producers. The harvesting and post-harvesting training program guarantee the farmer's income. Their cocoa models ensure and increase the income of the farmer and have an impact on their family life. Farmers aren't forced to move to America or Europe, they could stay home with their families.

Casa Luker
Casa Luker is a company, that changed the society. It was established in 1906 and helped Colombia not to be considered as the top cocaine producer. It builds new cocoa plantations and grows fine flavor cocoa beans Fino de Aroma, only 6% od the world's production is fine flavor cacao. It is a member of the International Cocoa Organization. Casa Luker believes in connection with its farmers, the environment; they believe in sharing opportunities, technology and the knowledge behind cocoa growing. Casa Luker obtains HACCP, ISO 9001, Kosher and BASC certifications. Lyra is an exclusive ambassador for Casa Luker in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Chocolate – Coffee Festival
Talking about chocolate, Lyra is a must. Every year we organize a chocolate – coffee festival in Mlyny, a shopping mall, in Nitra. It is a great opportunity to meet other chocolate businesses and our consumers. Chocolate and coffee producers from Slovakia as well as other countries participate at the festival. A well – know chocolatier from France, Emmanuel Hamon, is our special guest every year.

Hotel Academy
When learning to make chocolate, you may waste a lot of it. That's a pity. We decide to cooperate with the Hotel Academy of Ludovit Winter in Piestany to train the students. Our special training help the students to better understand the chocolate making process, they work with fine cocoa and last but not least they waste less chocolate.

Gizela Maria Billikova
The first time we met Gizela and her family it was at our chocolate store. Since then we have supported her and Slovak Association for Mentally Disabled – Special Gymnastics, Sport and Dance. Gizela has Down syndrome, she practices gymnastics and in 2015 won 5 medals in Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles.